Azam & Aqil

Beribu bintang dilangit
Kini menghilang
Meraba aku dalam kelam
Rembulan mengambang
Kini makin suram
Pudar ilhamku tanpa arah
Sedetik wajahmu muncul
Dalam diam
Ada kerdipan ada sinar
Itukah bintang atau rembulan
Terima kasih kuucapkan
Izinkan kumencuri bayangan wajahmu
Izinkan ku mencuri khayalan denganmu
Maafkanlah oh...
Andai lagu ini
Mengganggu ruangan hidupmu
Kau senyumlah oh...
Sekadar memori
Kita di arena ini
Kau ilhamku
Kau ilhamku...

December 24, 2008

~lunch time~

very excited...count down 545..argh....cepat la...
esok dah start cuti panjang...lega rasanya...........will be back to office 30 dec2008...anual leave finish already,if not sah-sah la aku sambung sampai new yearn.Tahun depan baru masuk opis..hehehehehe

now waiting for d pic from shiera........lama gila tak together gether with my friends.aku,hanim,shiera,elly,aliza n mizz nina.....port luck party kat umah shiera..last sunday,21Dec2008.ada kek,spageti,mash potato,nasi goreng,kfc n aku bawa air n ais ketul..hehehheheheh..
Gila bising......gelak mengalahkan usual my hubby diam ja.....pandang ja...balik tu hehhehehe, kena la ceramah sikit..hahhahahah..
i cannot control myself when met my frens..hehehheheheheh,,...sorry yer my dear.. ;)

December 12, 2008

~lagi IS -Gath~

wah semua sempat bergaya dan sambil menjamu selera yang lazat tak terkata......wah aku gila2 makan popia ngan dim sum dia...sodap gilosssssssssssssssssssssssss.......
walaupun punya la seksa nak ke sana sbb jem tersangat-sangat la...tapi demi nak makan punya pasai sanggup meredah hujan ribut petir..ahaks:)walaupun penat meredah amatla berbaloi sebab makannan yang tersedia lazat-lazat.. ;)

December 10, 2008

~IS Gathering in Shagri-La(4/12/08)

amboi2...hanin tersenyum riang...ops the popia its not for u..utk
aku la..aku yang nak makan..hehehhe
wah .......

sempat lagi............

December 5, 2008

hari ini....

workload aku makin bertambah...but im happy for it at least byk bnda boleh belajar..
tak la boring mcm dulu...
now im waiting my program running..hopefully berjaya....

tp aku tengah sakit hati
mamat sebelah aku ni ya rabbi.......dia sorg ja ada penyakit batuk.........batuk mcm menjerit dan menggangu semua org.............
pastu yang tak tahan tu..dia makan kuku babe....tah pa pa ja...dan mengeluarkan bunyi yg meluat la....
aku istigfar sahaja...dgn keadaan aku ni...huhuhuhuh
tension gila babe....
dan dia goyang kaki tanpa membuat keja apa2 n dok usha2 pc aku..sbb dia ni satu team aku dulu..apa kes tah..n dia already submit his resign letter,last time dia ada gaduh ngan bos aku...pastu dengan semua org pun dia tak puas hati..marah2 org.termasuk aku...
tapi aku buat keja aku ja kan...lantak pi...
eee tapi aku tak penah jumpa org sepelik dia ni..
tah pa pa ja........
menggangu kehidupan aku sahaja..sebab aku dok sebelah dia....argh!!!!!!
aku tak sabar hari terakhir dia kat sini.....

November 21, 2008

~20 weeks pregnant at a glance ~

50 reasons to be glad you're pregnant :)

We all have moments when we think, 'Never again!' during pregnancy: perhaps morning sickness is making you miserable or you're 10 days overdue with not even a hint of a contraction. To remind you that being pregnant can be fun, we've rounded up some of the nice things about being an expectant mum. And why not share the things that have made pregnancy wonderful for you - just scroll down to the parents' tips box, below.
1 Relishing the early weeks when only you and your partner know your special secret.
2 Knowing you've got nine whole months to plan, dream and fantasise.
3 Choosing maternity clothes - they've never been more practical or more sexy.
4 Now you've got the perfect excuse to pamper yourself - spending hours in a scented bath, enjoying a massage or rubbing soothing lotions into your growing bump.
5 Maternity rights in the UK are getting better all the time. You can take up to 52 weeks off work, and if you are eligible for statutory maternity pay, you get the first six weeks on 90 per cent of your pay, followed by 33 weeks at £117.18 per week.
6 You can join an antenatal class and find a whole new bunch of friends (and don't forget our BabyCentre birth clubs: another great way to meet people due at the same time as you).
7 For once in your life you need to get heavier - pregnancy is Nature's way of making you feel good about putting on weight.
8 If this is your first baby, enjoy the next nine months sleeping late at weekends: you won't get many chances later on.
9 At last you've got the bosom you've always wanted, which means you also have...
10 ...a great excuse to buy lots of pretty new bras.
11 From now on and until your baby is a year old, you can get free dental treatment - phone your dentist now!
12 At last you'll have something more than potplants and cats to care for and nurture!
13 Suddenly you'll find you're getting lots of extra attention from parents, aunts and uncles, not to mention your partner.
14 You may find you develop a closer relationship with sisters, cousins or friends who are parents themselves. Congratulations, you've just won free admission to the parents' club!
15 Telling your mum, dad, sister, brother, aunt, dog the good news and watching their faces light up.
16 New talents! Whether it's knitting bootees or assembling a flat-pack cot, you'll suddenly find yourself trying out all sorts of new skills.
17 Suddenly you'll feel a new appreciation for your own mother and all she went through having you.
18 Decorating the nursery: one of the most exciting things you'll ever do.
19 Feeling those first fluttering kicks and thinking, 'Is that what I think it is? Or is it just wind?' 20 Feeling OK for sending your partner out for chicken tikka masala followed by double-choc chip ice cream.
21 Your parents digging out your old cot or pram, which they've kept safely all this time 'just in case'.
22 Going for healthy walks with your partner and getting fresh air in your lungs because it's good for you and good for your baby.
23 Enjoying the extra-vivid dreams you get in late pregnancy - and laughing about them with your friends.
24 Feeling a little pair of heels prodding under your diaphragm and knowing you'll soon be meeting the little person they belong to!
25 Choosing baby clothes - or just phoning round for all the catalogues, leafing through them and planning what you're going to buy.
26 Writing a pregnancy diary for your baby to read in the future.
27 Getting someone to take photos of you smiling over your enormous bump so that, one day, you can look back and be amazed you were ever that size.
28 Finding out how many people there are out there ready to care for you: doctors, nurses, midwives, health visitors, breastfeeding counsellors...
29 Lying in bed with your partner's arms around you and your bump, knowing that love has created a new life.
30 Enjoying indulgences, such as evenings out, weekends away and anything else you might not be able to do so easily once the baby arrives.
31 Knowing that from now on, whatever happens, you'll never be bored again.
32 Making new friends whenever you go shopping - everyone has a pregnancy story to share.
33 You can spend whole evenings debating whether to call your baby Hermione or Cleopatra, Fritz or Stanley... (don't forget to try our BabyCentre baby namer if you get stuck!)
34 Imagining what he or she will look like. Your sweet little ears, of course, and his sexy eyes!
35 Dreaming about, "My daughter the prime minister/pop star/brain surgeon."
36 Looking at your growing bump in the mirror and realising there's a person in there!
37 Making out a squirmy outline on the ultrasound monitor. Asking for the pic to take home and pinning it up next to your work station, or just keeping it in your bag to sneak looks at.
38 The expression on your partner's face as he sees the test strip turn blue, looks at your growing bump or feels the baby kicking.
39 Buying that first little cuddly toy for your baby, not somebody else's.
40 Making that phone call to your partner to tell him that - we're off! - labour has started.
41 Trying out all those exercises you learned at antenatal class and finding out that they actually work!
42 Being held and supported throughout a contraction by your partner/midwife/labour companion and knowing that you can trust them totally.
43 Finding out, as the contractions get tough, that your repertoire of swear words is far more extensive than you ever realised!
44 Making an informed choice about pain relief and finding that it's right for you at that stage in labour.
45 That huge rush of pleasure and relief when, suddenly, all the pain and effort stops.
46 Looking into your newborn's eyes and falling utterly in love.
47 Watching your partner kiss the midwife, the doctor, cleaning lady, delivery man and anyone else he can find because his joy and pride are overwhelming.
48 Opening a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, whatever the time of day or night.
49 Making all those phone calls to announce the arrival. Telling everyone the news and hearing the excitement in their voices.
50 Waking up to see your baby sleeping next to you and thinking, 'Wow! This is real. I'm a mum!'

November 19, 2008

~perihal jalan raya di pagi hari....~

pagi2 dah rasa angin ja.....on d way ke keja...ya Allah....paling digeruni adalah moto2 yg berlambak kat jalan...sedangkan lorong tepi atau lorong moto dah disediakan...tak degil guna juga jalan besar..kalau stay kat line sebelah kiri ok tidak tengah2...
tengah ada tepi ada ..semua ada..tambahan pula yang cilok2 tu....aku yang bawa kereta ni pun risau akan keselamatan mereka..bukan apa....kalau terjadi apa-apa susah.....pagi ni geram dengan 2 moto...keduanya moto dibawa oleh perempuan..bukan nak mengata apa.aku pun pompuan juga...dah la pakai baju kurung pastu masuk jln ke tengah tanpa tgk belakang nasib la sempat brek....yg first moto tak sempat nak ambik nom moto nya...tu hadapan angkasapuri..kemudian kat jln brickfields adalah lagi satu pompuan,moto EX5,CAW***..selamba ja keluar jalan tak tengok keta..sib baik sempat brek.....
sbb tu la byk kemalangan yang melibatkan motosikal...nak salahkan siapa?mereka sendiri yang tidak hati-hati.......hmmmmmmmmmmm

satu ketika dulu aku penah gak bawa moto...dkt federal tu aku tak penah guna jalan besar...mesti aku guna lorong motosikal...utk keselamatan.....

mat-mat n minah-minah moto di luar sana..tunggang la dengan berhati-hati...bukan apa ..jangan menyusahkan orang lain..dan ingatla keselamatan anda juga....

sekian mukadimah di pagi rabu..ahaks ;)

November 18, 2008

~Andai Ku Tahu~

hari ni aku nak kongsi dgn semua org dgn lagu kegemaran aku...
cuba hayati lirik....
mmg menyentuh's very touching..mcm nak nangis...n bila aku fikir zaman aku dulu2..lagi la sedih nya..banyak nya dosa aku..biasa la masa remaja kan....
bila dah kahwin insaf sikit.. :) itu pun tunjuk ajar suami ku... :)tq syg......;)

Andai Ku Tahu

Andai kutahu
Kapan tiba ajalku
Ku akan memohon Tuhan tolong panjangkan umurku
Andai kutahu
Kapan tiba masaku
Ku akan memohon Tuhan jangan Kau ambil nyawaku
Aku takut Akan semua dosa dosaku A
ku takut Dosa yang terus membayangiku

Andai kutahu
MalaikatMu kan menjemputku
Izinkan aku Mengucap kata tobat padaMu
Aku takut
Akan semua dosa dosaku
Aku takut
Dosa yang terus membayangiku
Ampuni aku
Dari segala dosa dosaku
Ampuni aku
Menangisku bertobat padaMu
Aku manusia
Yang takut neraka
Namun aku juga
Tak pantas di surga
Andai kutahu
Kapan tiba ajalku
Izinkan aku
Mengucap kata tobat padaMu
Aku takut
Akan semua dosa dosaku
Aku takut
Dosa yang terus membayangiku
Ampuni aku
Dari segala dosa dosaku
Ampuni aku
Menangisku bertobat padaMu

November 17, 2008

19 weeks....

You're halfway there! The top of your uterus now reaches your belly button and will grow about a centimetre per week. The fetus measures around 6 inches/ 15 centimetres long from crown to rump and weighs about 9 ounces/ 240 grams. She has started to swallow amniotic fluid, and her kidneys continue to make urine. Hair on the scalp is sprouting. Sensory development reaches its peak this week. The nerve cells serving each of the senses -- taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch -- are now developing in their specialised areas of the brain. Nerve cell production slows down as existing nerve cells grow larger and make more complex connections. If you're carrying a baby girl, she already has roughly six million eggs in her ovaries. By the time she's born, she'll have about one million. You may have felt the kicking and somersaulting of your growing baby. At times, you might find that she is so mobile that you can't sleep. The next ten weeks or so will be your baby's busiest and most active time, until the womb gets too crowded. Two will soon be three and that will mean lots of changes, so have a look at our sex and relationships section.

November 12, 2008

now....18 weeks......

Your baby is approximately 6 inches/ 14.2 centimetres long from crown to rump and she weighs about 7 ounces/ 190 grams. Her chest moves up and down to mimic breathing but she's not taking in air, only amniotic fluid. A mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan is often done sometime in the second trimester (usually between 18 and 22 weeks) to assess fetal growth and development, screen for certain birth defects, check the placenta and umbilical cord and determine whether the gestational age is accurate. During this scan, you might see your baby kick, flex, reach, roll, or even suck her thumb. Bring your partner along, and whether or not he's able to accompany you, make sure you ask for printouts of the baby in various poses.

early in d morning......

dah lama aku tidak menulis..
sekarang aku dah nak masuk 5 bulan..alhamdulilah..everything OK.....berat badan pun dah naik....cuma sometimes feel nausea and vomiting sikit2 ja la....selama aku pregnent ni aku drive datang keja...hmmmmmmmmmm.....
cerita drive ni..kadang-kadang..ish bukan kadang-kadang la sakit nya hati dengan mat-mat moto ni...bukan main lagi dok mencilok-cilok..paling hangin kalau time simpang kita nak masuk,tetiba ja ada ja moto kat sebelah,padahal jalan moto dah ada,tapi dekat jalan besar gak depa menunggang....bengang gila.....hmmmm...dan paling hebatnya mereka ni selamba ja dok hon-hon keta2..padahal jalan sapa tah..hmmmmm.....bukannya apa..kalau terlanggar sah-sah la penunggang moto ni kena lagi teruk kan....kesian pada mereka juga..tapi terpulang la pada mereka sendiri...huhuhuhuh

September 12, 2008

~hari ini~

hari ni tak tau nak menulis apa..badan masih terasa lemah...terinagt nya masakan mak kat kampung..nak balik lambat lagi...time-time ni tak larat nak balik kampung.mabuk-mabuk....huhuh sedih nya....bila petang-petang dan sedih macam ni,dengar lagu allahyarham sudirman lagi la sedih...sob sob sob..... :(

~Ayah dan Ibu~
Ayah dan ibu
Itulah permulaan kami
Dapatlah melihat bulan danMatahariAhai...
Yang dikurniakan dari IlahiAhai...
Ayah dan ibu lahMesti dihormatiAyah dan ibuWali dan juga keramat
Pada mereka kita beri hormatAhai...
Bagilah tunjuk ajar dan
NasihatSupaya hidupS
upaya hidup kita akan selamat

September 10, 2008

~Tentang Bulan~

Drama bersiri kesukaan aku ngan hubby aku.Setiap selasa ja,mesti tak lupa nak tengok.Bila tengok ja drama ni,mesti teringat zaman-zaman masa kecik-kecik dulu.Menyentuh hati..hehehheheh..sekejap ja masa berlalu..tup tup dah tua..hehehheheh.....Paling best bila kat kampung,macam-macam boleh main.Tak hingat donia dah bila balik kampung.bestnya.... ;)

~Tentang Bulan~

Bulan dan bintang
Bersinar berkelipan
Dan menerangikeindahan malam
Tanpamu bulanMalam kegelapan
Tanpamu bintang
Hilanglah keindahan
Ini kisah tentang bulan
Bulan bintang jadi kawan
Bergitulah persahabatan
Yang cuba kami eratkan
Moga berkekalan selamanya.
Bergitulah kami hidup lima sekawan
Sesama berjanji susah senang dirasa
Dibawah sinaran cahaya bulan bintang
Menjadi saksi janji kami semua

September 9, 2008

~10 weeks~

The fetus is only about 1.2 inches / 3 centimetres long from crown to rump and weighs less than a sixth of an ounce / 4 grams. Even so, it's busily swallowing and kicking. Each day more minute details start to appear, such as fingernails and peach-fuzzy hair. The vital organs -- the liver, kidneys, intestines, brain, and lungs -- are fully formed and functional, while the head is almost half the length of the entire body. The forehead temporarily bulges and sits high on the head, but later will change into a more human-like feature. If you could take a look at your baby this week, you'd be able to see the clear outline of his spine. Spinal nerves stretch out from the spinal cord.
Your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit. With the help of a Doppler, a hand-held soundwave stethoscope, you can hear the fetus's rapid heartbeat -- one expectant mother likened it to the sound of tiny horses galloping. You will soon have your booking-in appointment where your blood will be taken for routine tests. Find out what they are testing for. • Note: Experts say every baby develops differently -- even in utero. These fetal development pages are designed to give a general idea of how a fetus grows in the womb.

Subhanallah...inilah ciptaan ALLAH sangat-sangat bersyukur pada-Nya.Kurniaan rezeki yang tidk terhingga.AMIN...

Dalam keadaan begini,aku masih loya-loya,muntah-muntah,badan pun terasa sengal-sengal dan lemah...namun alhamdulilah aku masih kuat untuk datang bekerja walaupun ada juga hari-hari yang aku mc.. :)

September 5, 2008

Fetal development - 9 weeks pregnant

By the tenth week of pregnancy, you may find yourself riding pregnancy's emotional roller coaster, feeling moody one day and joyful the next. Disturbing as this is to some women who pride themselves on being in control, what you're going through is normal and will probably continue throughout your pregnancy. Up-and-down emotions are partly caused by raging hormones. At week's end, your fetus measures approximately 0.9 inches / 2.3 centimetres long. In both shape and size, it resembles a peapod and weighs less than a tenth of an ounce / 2 grams. The eyelids are fused and won't open until week 27. The wrists are more developed, ankles have formed, and the fingers and toes are clearly visible. Arms are growing longer and bend at the elbows. By week's end, the inner workings of the ears are complete. Though you can't yet identify the sex of the fetus by ultrasound, its genitals have begun to form. By now the placenta has developed enough to support most of the critical job of producing hormones.

Ini lah keadaan aku sekarang.Aku bersyukur dengan kekuasaan ALLAH.Betapa besarnya ciptaan-Nya.Alhamdulilah.......walaupun banyak cabaran yang perlu dihadapi,itu adalah ujian dan dugaan dan itu juga adalah nikmat dr Yang Esa.Berasa sungguh insaf betapa kerdilnya kita sebagai seorang hamba.....

~pagi-pagi jumaat~

pagi-pagi jumaat ni sangatla membosankan....tambahan lagi pagi-pagi aku sampai mamat sebelah aku ni dah ada..haiyooo sangat membosankan......baru ja masuk aku dah mengira time nak balik keja.....bukannya apa...tak sabar nak balik rumah...nak lepak ngan husband aku...tenang sikit fikiran aku banding kat sini yang kena duduk sebelah dia ni...huhuh...tak habih2 mengganggu ketenteraman awam....aku pun tak tau la......minta simpang la segala yang tak baik tak baik....amin.....

hari ni 9 weeks 6 days...esok dah masuk 10 weeks...berdebar-debar nya......walaupun tak la nampak sangat perut ada peningkatan di sebalik baju yang melindunginya.. ahaks! ;)
hari dah 5 hari kita menyambut bulan ramdhan...sekejap sahaja..tup2 nanti dah sebulan...kemudian raya...kemudia akhir tahun..cepatnya masa berlalu......

September 4, 2008

~9 weeks 3 days~

Gastric acid is one of the main secretions of the stomach, together with several enzymes and intrinsic factor. Chemically it is an acid solution with a pH of 1 to 2 in the stomach lumen, consisting mainly of hydrochloric acid (HCl), and small quantities of potassium chloride (KCl) and sodium chloride (NaCl).
acc aku pun tak paham sgt bahasa2 doktor ni...yg aku tau pedih ulu hati..
now 9 weeks 3 days aku peknen....tiba2 sakit ulu hati...sempat aku posa 2 hari..kemudian cannot tahn anymore....siap muntah2..ada sikit darah..huhuhu..mmg aku dah ada history gastric.
maka aku pun tidak berpuasa..huhuhu...bila teringat kan mcm mana la nnti nak gantikan..huhuhu....tapi aku still ok.....tak dak yang pun alhamdulilah ..lega bila dr haris checked and nothing happen..just gastric n banyak agin dalam badan aku ni...heheh aku memang berangin pun...hehehhee..
ok la...aku nak p buat kerja..hehhehehe ;)

September 3, 2008

~more pics~

ada yg bz melayan anak masni n syiema..ada yang masih gediksss..cikgu ishah ngan pn arfah..ada yg kontrol wafer ngan shikin....hmmmm...macam2..tapi walau apa sekali pun aku tetap voguey..sbb hr tu ja tidak mengizinkan aku pi..hehhehehhe

rakan2 lamaku d little penang cafe,mvalley

rakan-rakan lamaku dorm DO1..sori korang aku tak dapat join....huhuhuh..morning sickness..bukan morning ja tau kena..ptg tghari siang malam..terus memberi keinsafan kepada ku supaya janganlah menderhaka kepada ibumu kerana kuat nya semangat mereka utk peknen...has,masni,syima..mcm mana korang dulu?tak dak kesempatan nak tanya..sbb tak dpt jumpa..huhuhu...wafer pun tgh peknen gak....heheheh..nnti anak kita seangkatan la....silap2..satu dorm satu kelas kat seposen.hehehehhehehehheh...korang2 semua nampak sehat2 belaka ya....bagus22222

pagi-pagi baru sampai opis....

baru sampai opis..pagi2 dah jem....sepatutnya aku dah sampai awai..tapi jalan yang selalu aku guna tutup pula...ada apa tah....pastu megelabah cari jalan..sib jumpa....dah la penat..pastu +bengang...ishhhhhhh mamat sebelah aku ni..tak habih2 batuk...ops..bukan nak mengutuk....tak baik peknen2 ni cakap bukan2..tapi menganggu ketenteraman awam masalahnya...dia memamng bermasalah......hmmmmmmmmmm.....tak sabarnya nak tunggu weekend..huhuhuhuh

September 2, 2008

Juadah Berbuka pada hari ini

pagi2 dah beli kuih ni kat kak ida...mengugat keimanan...sabaq22....bau nya.YA Allah harum menyusuk hidung......sedang menghitung waktu..nak lambat lagi ni..huhuhu..sabaq2...

Inilah aku ketika di opis

Malasnya hari ini...huhuhu..sempat aku membuka blog utk menulis..hehheheheh
ok la...nak paksa diri untk rajin bekerja..huhuhuhu..kerja..kerja..kerja.....

Selamat Berpuasa

Merasmikan blog Aku dan Dia.... :)dengan ini saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan selamat berpuasa.......